Dear DPlugins team,

I am sending you this question — and although a longshot — I’m going to try it anyways.

Content: I’ve been a diehard Oxygen and Swiss Knife user since the very beginning, practising my webdesign/dev skills whilst being a student at Utrecht University (as such it’s almost always not-for-profit work for friends). 

Lately, I’ve been drifting away from Oxygen. Having done some Gutenberg works, and exploring solutions such as Bricks (i.e.: finding the best solution for the problem, instead of defaulting to Oxygen).

As such, I am no longer using swiss knife (in my account you can see it has zero activations).. whilst I am using Code Snippets (free plugin) much much more.. Exploring the world of PHP, JS, and coding my own functions and shortcodes (it’s pretty amazing to be honest!).

Now, I’ve noticed the plugin “Scripts Organizer” is part of your products as well. Hence, I have the following question:

I understand if it’s not possible, by the way. But I figured asking can’t hurt.

Anyway, my details are:

Please let me know if you require any other details to make this happen. If you’d rather not, please let me know too. 

Anyways, have a great weekend!

One response to “Exchange SwissKnife for Script Organizer license?”

  1. devusrmk says:

    Hello there, your purchase value is $25.00. As that’s how much you payed.

    I can disable you Swiss Knife and give you discount of $20 on Scripts Organizer.
    I am calculating paypal fee as well on transactions.

    Please confirm if this is ok for you.

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