Just discovered your plugins and FB group, I’m so impressed with your work.
Sandbox is exactly what I was looking for (and I hope to see a kind of SwissKnife for Bricks soon!)

  1. I bought the Sandbox pro license a fex days ago. Here is my license: d1c3cf9cc0cd658d08a9dcdf77df08dd

    but I can’t login on your main website and haven’t received an email confirmation. I wonder if I made a mistake when I bough it. Could you please help me figure that out? My email address should be [email protected]

  2. Also, when I want to publish a Sandbox, every time, I run into this error: first I get an error message screen “you are not allowed” et second it works. Here is small screencast: https://screen.matriarch.ie/app/play/19ev57Kd#Jq2YcuH5
  3. In Bricks, it would be useful to get the Sanbox green “lih=ght” that appears in the top admin bar, to show up in the builder.

Thanks a lot for this amazing plugin!!!



One response to “Email address error? +1 bug + 1 request!”

  1. joshua says:


    2. Unfortunately, the sandbox that is available on the dplugins.com site doesn’t support bricks Yet. We are making a new sandbox from scratch and some functionality (such as supporting other builders) is not implemented yet.

    3. bricks builder is not supported yet.

    We will announce on our site/FB group if we have implemented the bricks support.

    You may ask Marko for a refund.


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