I thought i posted a ticket about this before but it appears to be missing. Never mind

So drag and drop does not work with the latest version of swiss knife.

There are no drag handles. This is a brand new install with nothing but oxygen and swiss knife installed. You are welcomce to login and take a look yourself, its just a test site

2 responses to “Drag and drop not working on 2.0”

  1. cmsexpertss says:


    Thanks for contacting us. This is a known issue because of HTML structure change in oxygen. We will check it when Marko comes back from vacations.

    Muhammad Osama

  2. devusrmk says:

    This one is fixed with 2.0.1

    In Oxygen 3.9 you don’t need drag handles. If you are using 3.8 go to the Swiss Knife > Features > End enable:

    – Fix 3.8 Structure panel (Temporary fix until you do not update to Oxygen 3.9)

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