Dear Marko,

What does the new developments with Oxygen/Breakdance hold for DPlugins? Will you be porting Dplugins and Oxywind to Breakdance? Honestly, I am burned up Oxygen is not extending or offering a lifetime price to its lifetime customers. It creates bad blood.

Could you pleaseĀ  port your super plugins to Bricks, Zion Builder, Blocksy, Kadence, or Divi?

Could you also take a leadership role in addressing the Oxygen users to either reassure us about using Oxygen long term or guide us how to transition? I am heart sick since I am nearly finished with my first Oxygen paid project and I don’t know if it is ethical to hand it over the the customer now. IsĀ  it ethical to not tell him that Oxygen is EOL? What should I do as a friend and happy customer of Dplugins?



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  1. devusrmk says:

    Do not worry too much.
    Oxygen will not die over the night. Even if that happens you will have at least a year to migrate.

    Keep in mind that breakdance is not there to replace oxygen or at least I don’t see it like that.

    Oxygen will never have a lot of users as it’s dev specific. And most of the devs build without visual builders.

    So they need to create something that will be simpler and be competitor to Divi and Elementor.

    Oxygen group grow from 10 – 30k in last 2 years so they have founding so don’t be stressed too much.

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