Howdy, A while back I purchased the two plugins Swiss Army Knife and Script Organizer and accidentally made a double purchase. You were kind enough to refund 50% of the double purchase, but somehow I am unable to download these two plugins. Order Number 7147.

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  1. devusrmk says:

    Hello Corry I can see that you have made 2 purchases:
    1. November 19, 2021

    dPlugins Sandbox
    Projects List with Password – Free
    dPlugins DevKit – Free
    WP Admin Cleaner

    2. March 19, 2021
    Swiss Knife
    Scripts Organizer

    And 2nd purchase from March 19th is refunded already on March 20th

    20 Mar 2021
    Refund to Cory Curtis Details -60,00 USD 0,00 USD -60,00 USD

    If you need refund details I can send you paypal pdf

    • technoogies says:

      My Email 3-19-2021
      (Did I just unknowingly purchase double licenses of your two plugins?
      – Cory)

      YOU = I can see that you bought twice both products. Should I refund you todays purchase or previous one?

      ME = Whichever one is easiest. I’ll just log in later to verify which license to use.
      Thank you
      ps, I apologize for the extra work I caused you, but I appreciate your generosity.

      YOU = No no,

      you already had both products. And the you purchased both of them again.

      so I think we are all good here.

      Thank you!
      Marko Krstić from dplugins team”

      ME = OK, but if you find that I still owe for a license somehow, let me know and I’ll send a payment to wherever you like.

      YOU = No problem at all. And thanks for checking.

      So now I purchased another second license just so I could download these plugins. I’m a bit frustrated. You just disappeared for the last week almost. But if I have to purchase them again just to download the plugins, I guess.
      I don’t know what you’re willing to do at this point, but I’d like to know.

      – Cory

  2. technoogies says:

    Yes, but there was a double purchase on accident, my fault, and to clarify, there were 2 Licenses of each, Swiss Knife and Scripts Organizer. You refunded one license of each product, leaving me with one license of each still, but I am unable to download them. I’ll reply to the email and send you a screenshot.

  3. technoogies says:

    So are you saying you refunded it all? If so, that was not what I was asking for back then.

  4. technoogies says:

    I went and looked at the transactions and it was only for the 2nd purchase on 3-19, so I should still be able to download the app since I had purchased these back in Nov. 2020.

  5. technoogies says:

    These are the ones that should work, but I haven’t tested them. If not, why are they in my account? If I somehow ended up without a valid license, can I repurchase at the original price for what I would have had back in March?

    Swiss Knife = What happened to these?
    Scripts Organizer

    DISABLED = Refunded these
    Swiss Knife
    Scripts Organizer

  6. technoogies says:

    I hate to be a pest, but I’m trying to make some dev decision’s and this is holding me up. Do I own these or not?
    Swiss Knife
    Scripts Organizer

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