We would like you to confirm if the Collaboration plugin, using the pusher.com API core, allows content to be synchronized between sites?  For instance, we have to domains running the same versions or WordPress, Oxygen, all plugins and the same data (but different databases) — in effect the second site is a clone of the first but with unique file systems, hosting, databases, and storage.  The two sites are:



While these two sites are similar, we DO NOT want data to be synchronized between them, just between multiple tabs on the same site (ie: syncing between tabs is only ok where tab 1 is logged into Oxygen at https://cncycle.getonpreview.com, tab 2 is also logged into Oxygen at https://cncycle.getonpreview.com).

Once we disabled the Collaboration plugin on https://staging.cncycle.ca the inadvertent syncing stopped so we are very sure that the plugin was causing this effect.

Please confirm if this side-effect is possible with your plugin.

Thank you.

Chris Donalds

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  1. joshua says:


    The issue is happening because you are cloning your site.

    Your site has a unique token generated when you process the installation of the Collaboration plugin.
    Since you are cloning your site, the installation process of the plugin has never happened and you are copying the same unique token to your site’s clone.

    To address this issue, we have released an update to allow users to force re-generate the unique token.

    Collaboration 4.0.0-alpha
    – Compatibility: Oxygen 4.0-alpha1
    – Improved: Better data transfer algorithm
    – New: [Posts list table] Show the list of the users currently editing using Oxygen Editor
    – Fixed: plugins conflict
    – Option to reset site GUID (useful for boilerplate/canvas/clone/stagging)

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