Hello, I was an original lifetime holder of the plugin when I purchased it when it was $12. I was looking to get back into Oxygen after a long hiatus and realized that I was supposed to migrate my account from OxyRealm to DPlugins a couple of months ago.  Having realized I made a mistake, I decided to purchase the collaboration again using the link: https://dplugins.com/products/collaboration/

I clicked on the “See Pricing” button and was led to the bottom of the screen where I saw the following headlines: Unlimited websites, Lifetime support, Documentation and Support, and More features coming soon with the buy button to the right of it. I purchased it and immediately and upon entering the dashboard of the site with the license keys and download buttons, I realized that it was a 1 year subscription instead of lifetime. When I went back to the products page, I realized that there was different pricing shown when compared to the specific product page. I believe that should be changed immediately to help prevent other customers from confusion.

I would love to get a lifetime license again, but $50 would be a bit steep when I originally bought it at $12 and repurchased it at $24 just recently. I am trying to upload screenshots of my original purchase confirmation to prove I was an original holder and more images of the inconsistencies on the product page, but I am met with errors when uploading. Would it be possible to reinstate my original LTD purchase from a while ago? The last thing I would want is to ask for a refund due to errors on the product page. I would really love to use this tool and to have it for a lifetime. I appreciate your help.

License Keys :
Collaboration – Lifetime: thelostasura_0a8b451c9043bb6a47cd6e9b221fe182

Payment ID  : [REDACTED]
Receipt ID     : [REDACTED]



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  1. ancient.works says:

    Hi, thank you for being the early adopter of the Collaboration plugin.

    I have assigned a manual purchase (lifetime pricing) to your account.
    You can download the plugin from https://dplugins.com/checkout/downloads/.

    The refund process will be handled by Marko.

    Kind regards,

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