Dear Support Team,

I installed and tried to test the collaboration plugin, but sync is not working.

Pusher account is set up and working, License is registered with the site and the site is showing up under “registered sites”.

Now, when loading the Oxygen Builder, I can see that the sync indicator is blinking, but this behavior is not documented. Overall, your documentation seems a bit outdated. Also, the plugin naming is all over the place – “dPlugins Collaboration”, “wakaloka-collaboration”, sometimes you even find references to oxyrealm… Also, when purchasing the plugin, the confirmation mail with the download link referred to version 1.2, whereas downloading the latest release from gives me version 1.0.1.

So overall, I am a little confused 😀

Could you please clarify the points above and help me troubleshoot the sync-issue?

Big thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,

Environment Details:

Bedrock install –
WordPress 6.0
Oxygen 4.0.1
Collaboration 1.0.1
Gravity Forms (although I do not think this has anything to do with the issue)

PHP 7.4.30 (Apache FPM)
memory_limit: 265M
max_execution_time: 600
max_input_time: 600

8 responses to “Collaboration: Unable to start sync”

  1. BWP Codes says:

    After submission I noticed that I forgot to submit the htaccess login and site URL. How can I securely transfer this information to you?

  2. BWP Codes says:

    I found the way to edit the original post – URL and htaccess login are now added to the credentials section.

  3. devusrmk says:

    Thanks. Joshua will take a look at this one and get back to you

  4. joshua says:


    we have rewritten the collaboration plugin from scratch to adapt with oxygen 4.0, and we are reset the version number to 1.0.1.

    You may check our guide (step #5)

  5. BWP Codes says:

    Hi Joshua,
    Thank you for your reply.

    As I mentioned before, the set-up has been completed according to your documentation. Did you check the install with the login info I provided?

    To reiterate:
    1. Pusher Account exists and is configured according to your description (client events enabled)
    2. App credentials are entered under Oxygen -> Collaboration
    3. When opening Oxygen, the sync indicator is blinking orange (no console errors – no sync).

    Please assist in fixing this issue.

    Kind Regards

  6. devusrmk says:

    We managed to reproduce the bug and we released update. Please update and test it.

    • BWP Codes says:


      Thank you for the update! This fixes the connection on the staging-domain (running on “real” web-server), but unfortunately it is not working on my local environment (stuck at “Initializing Pusher…”).

      Is this a bug, or are there limitations for local environments (e.g. self-signed SSL certificate)?

      Thank you!

      • BWP Codes says:


        My local environment now works as well:
        I deactivated the plugin, deleted all related DB tables in wp_options, reactivated the plugin and entered all details again.

        Thanks again for your support!
        Can’t wait to get going with the collaboration plugin! 😀

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