Hi guys, 

Just encountered an issue with Fluent SMPT not sending emails and throwing some errors in the browser console. After disabling a few plugins it turned out to be the Collaboration plugin. Please, see attached screenshot below. 

I am using Oxygen 4 and WP 6.0 if that helps. 

Unfortunately, I cannot give you access to the website for easier investigation. Still, I will set up a test environment and try to replicate the problem on another domain if required. 

Thank you,


Website credentials

2 responses to “Collaboration + Fluent SMPT conflict”

  1. joshua says:

    Hi, could you try to upgrade to the Alpha version?

  2. Martin says:

    Hi Joshua,

    Yes, initially I was using the last stable version (I think it was 1.2 if I am not mistaken) and when I noticed to issue I upgraded to the latest version available (4.0 alpha) in the DPlugins dashboard. Unfortunately, it did not make any difference and it is still causing Fluent SMTP to fail sending emails. I have it disabled at the moment and it is all working fine.


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