Hi!. I have a mees in my account. It’s a real mess. There are licenses that I bought that can’t use. There are duplicated products. Here you have a look. Please, clean it: https://markups.carnaval.studio/share/GTYOPvqrDyiI2jKOhgQd

3 responses to “Clean up account from duplicates”

  1. devusrmk says:

    Every is cleaned up in top part.

    Under Quick downloads we are still keeping older versions for compatibility in case someone need to roll back quickly. Those will be removed soon.

  2. carnaval says:

    Ok. Thanks! Really, thank you. That mess was really bothering me. Now it’s a pleasure to log in. So the one that is missing is Sandbox Pro, right? I’m not sure if that one was migrated from OxyRealm. If it’s not, no problem. I buy it. Just wanna know.

  3. carnaval says:

    Ok. I have purchased Sandbox. And now I have two again. Could you clean that up, please?

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