When creating a code block and choosing conditions. I am unable to select any specific locations. Once my mouse hovers over an entry the entry under the mouse changes and cycles through all available choices.

This used to work not sure if there was a recent update pushed out but this behaviour happens on two different machines.


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  1. cmsexpertss says:


    Thank you for contacting us. It seems some kind of conflict, have you checked by deactivating some plugins?

    We will need your site’s access in order to check the issue, because we are unable to reproduce this issue on our end.

    Muhammad Osama

    • cmsexpertss says:

      Thank you for providing site access.

      Please let me know if you have checked by disabling all plugins and just keeping Scripts Organizer active, to check if this issue persists? As I suppose, its a live site so I cannot check that without first asking.


  2. aglyons says:

    I have cloned my site and have been disabling plugin after plugin and there is no difference

    I went to delete CORG and install the previous version but I cannot find a download for it. Please post a location where ALL previous versions can be found for downgrade/troubleshooting purposes.

    • cmsexpertss says:

      Unfortunately, we cannot provide old version downloads for SCORG as old version had the vulnerability. If you can provide a dev site access that will help to troubleshoot the issue.


  3. aglyons says:

    Just a note, you need to change how support tickets are handled. There are no email notifications when you respond to issues. I only find out about a response if I log in here and check.

    I’ll mention it again.

    OSTicket, it’s free and email-based.


    • cmsexpertss says:

      Thanks. I went in and disabled all plugins, the issue didn’t appeared, then I deactivated all of the ones which were previously active and still issue don’t happen so its some kind of cache issue or plugin conflict but after deactivation/action it doesn’t happen anymore.


  4. aglyons says:

    It’s advanced custom fields causing the issue

  5. aglyons says:

    we apparently were trying things at the same time.

    I determined it was ACF that is causing the problem

    • cmsexpertss says:

      I have checked on a local installation with ACF Pro active and still can’t reproduce the error. So, maybe ACF is conflicting with one of some other plugins on your site.

      Try to deactivate other plugins as well while keeping ACF active.


  6. aglyons says:

    I just confirmed it. I will leave all the current plugins in their state with ACF disabled. Check it yourself and get back to me when you are done. I won’t touch the site until I hear back from you

    • cmsexpertss says:

      Okey. I found the issue, its a CSS bug, I am adding it in bug category and it will be addressed in a hot fix soon.


  7. aglyons says:


  8. aglyons says:

    Um, I can see that this ticket is displayed to everyone or at least it looks like it is. This ticket contains login details to my WP admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’ve said it twice already, this is a terrible way to handle support tickets. Please fix this quickly.

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