I just purchased OxyWind and I’m trying to start using it.
I can’t add any tailwind classes. 

It says Wakaloka Oxywind: Wakaloka Plain Classes plugin is not detected.

I was trying to get that plugin too but I can’t make the purchase.
The Coupon code PLAINISFASTER is automatically added to the purchase but, when I try to go on it says

Error: This discount is expired.

Error: One or more of the discounts you entered is invalid

If I’m removing the coupon, it is added again automatically.

SO. I can’t use OxyWind because I don’t have a plugin and I can’t get that plugin.

Can you help?

Thank you


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  1. devusrmk says:

    You tried to purchase it after 26th. There was a bug since discount code was applied but not active anymore.

    Please try to purchase it now.

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