Hello. Weird thing. I’ve purchased SandboxPro plugin back in April 28, 2021. I just installed it on my staging site, so I checked my email for the key. However, unlike the other plugin purchase emails I have gotten from you for other plugins, this one had an empty field for the key, in the email.

I’ve uploaded the screenshot of the email showing nothing beside the ‘License keys:’

Please advise.




3 responses to “Cannot access sandboxpro key”

  1. devusrmk says:

    Hello Kevin,

    I can see that you have free version of Sandbox and not Pro (paid)

    That’s why you don’t have licence next to the plugin.

  2. Oh crap! I appear to be stuck-on-stupid! I’m so sorry to bother you with that! Since I bought the others, I assumed I bought that one too! Haha! Thanks for responding, I appreciate it (and your Awesome-Ware!)


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