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I purchase Swiss Knife Pro on October 20, 2021. Payment number 31036. Amount $45.00. Username and email address: [email protected]

When I tried to log in today, I kept on receiving a login error even though I had previously logged in with the exact same details. When I clicked the Forgot password link and entered my registered email address, being [email protected], I received the following email:

“Someone has requested a password reset for the following account:

Site Name: dplugins.com

Username: [email protected]

If this was a mistake, ignore this email and nothing will happen.
To reset your password, visit the following address:


This password reset request originated from the IP address”

I followed the link and reset my password.

However when I wanted to open a support ticket, although I was already logged in, I was requested to log in again. I tried to do so using my [email protected] email address. This time I received the following message:
“ERROR:A user could not be found with this email address.”

Despite repeated efforts, and though I can log in at the normal login link, I can’t log in with my registered email address to create a support ticket. Hence that fact that I had to register a different email address, [email protected], just to open this ticket.

Please cancel my Swiss Knife Pro purchase and refund me the $45.00 I paid as this is still within your 30-day money-back guarantee period.

Thank you in advance.




3 responses to “Cancel and refund purchase of Swiss Knife Pro”

  1. devusrmk says:

    Temporary password is set: 5^[email protected])v30h&[email protected]

  2. Travis says:

    My apologies for the repeated submitting of the support ticket. Every time I clicked the submit button it showed that the ticket was still a draft.

    Please confirm the cancellation and refund of my purchase.

  3. devusrmk says:

    Payment refunded due to customer request
    An Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) will be available in 1–3 business days.
    16 Nov 2021, 17:38

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