I have a membership website when the visitor becomes a subscriber and pays they get access to a plan that is delivered on a subdomain it is a 3rd part SAAS service that has it’s own API, the membership plugin calls a custom script which uses the 3rd party SAAS API to create the right membership on the 3rd party SAAS. ( also if the member stops paying it is meant to suspend access to the SAAS too but that bit never work)
Problem is it is not reliable even to create the new account on the SAAS, customers pay and often they cannot access their new account on the 3rd party SAAS and so they contact support.

Can Scripts organiser plugin with Oxygen and Hydrogen pack make this all work better? Maybe I could stop using the custom php file and instead use Scripts organiser to directly communicate with  the API to create the right type of new account on the SAAS?


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  1. cmsexpertss says:


    Thank you for contacting us.

    Regarding your question, as we don’t know about the API that you are trying to use but you can surely write any API calls you want in our PHP writing console using Scripts Organizer and save your scripts to run on specific page or on all pages using “Conditions” or “Everywhere”.

    BTW we are also doing some API calls using Scripts Organizer on our shop site to pass some data to an external API so as far as PHP concerns it surely works.

    Best Regards,
    Muhammad Osama

    • FreeConsultations.com says:


      Thank you for your answer, so to be clear what happens now is customer pays via WordPress S2 member pro plugin and stripe payments, the membership plug uses the custom php file to use the 3rd party API to create new user credentials for them to access the 3rd party SAAS, so we could put the right code into Scripts Organizer and it will do the right API calls – do you think it could be a bit more reliable than our current arrangement which uses a separate custom php file stored on the website hosting?

      • cmsexpertss says:


        Regarding separate files, our plugin also stores the code in files as well so that the files run from there. The benefit in using our plugin is you can directly code in editor using “Monaco” editor and just set your conditions the way you want them to work without going in for FTP access and then make changes.

        Muhammad Osama

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