I’m wondering if we can implement the “Autoreload Changes” feature of WPCodeBox (https://wpcodebox.com/) that Kevin Geary of Digital Ambitions is so excited about, which seem to allow auto application of CSS files on save to even the Oxygen Builder interface.  

Kevin Geary is now promoting WPCodeBox with his referral code after mentioning he used to use Scripts Organizer 🙂 

Can this be done with Scripts Organizer?  

REAL TIME CSS & SCSS Editing in Oxygen (Workflow Game Changer!)

Thank you.




3 responses to ““Autoreload Changes” for auto application of CSS files on save to even the Oxygen Builder interface”

  1. kengmick says:

    it looks like Kevin is using these two WPCodeBlox settings which may be pertinent:

    How to render the SCSS: External
    Autoreload Changes

  2. devusrmk says:

    Problem is that we are merging partials as well and that is way more complex solution than just one scss file.

    We will include it in the future.

    Kevin was kicked out and his licence was disabled after he done D**K move with Oxywind

  3. kengmick says:

    thank you for the reply. I will spend some time learning to use SCSS.

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