Plain Classes patch fails

Switches to downloading and stops. Then I have to go back to admin an reinstall Oxygen 4.


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Payment: 54975 Payment Status: Complete Payment Method: PayPal Date: June 8, 2022 Subtotal: $79.00 “I bought it with Oxywind can I get it for FREE? If you purchased Oxywind before Jun 26th 2022, simply do next steps: Login to our shop Click purchase Plain Classes In the checkout page discount code will be automatically applied […]


Still can’t download this product

Back when I originally purchased your two product bundle I accidentally made a double purchase. You refunded one and disabled two of the licenses, but the other two licenses should still be valid. It seems that because they’re connected to the refund the two valid licenses will not allow me to download the product still. […]

Swiss Knife

What is happening with this??

My Email 3-19-2021 (Did I just unknowingly purchase double licenses of your two plugins? – Cory) YOU = I can see that you bought twice both products. Should I refund you todays purchase or previous one? ME = Whichever one is easiest. I’ll just log in later to verify which license to use. Thank you […]


Downloads issue

Howdy, A while back I purchased the two plugins Swiss Army Knife and Script Organizer and accidentally made a double purchase. You were kind enough to refund 50% of the double purchase, but somehow I am unable to download these two plugins. Order Number 7147. Thanks, Cory

Swiss Knife