Cannot import classes

I am trying to use Swiss Knife and Oxygen to import class names. I enable it ist in Swiss Knife, and create the folder in Oxygen, but when I try to import the folder nothing is populated in the dropdown so it fails.  

Swiss Knife

Security Vulnerability

As we continue to work with the VIP team, they identified a security issues with Scripts Organizer and I thought you would like to know, especially with the work on version 3. As you will see in the message below they will be contacting you directly. Here is the text they sent us: As of […]

Scripts Organizer

Error opening file

I am working with the WordPress VIP team and their platform does not allow Scripts Organizer to work without a patch. The reason has to do with the file open process. Here is the note they provided: Currently this fopen is set to wa+ which means: Open the file for reading and writing, truncate the file to […]

Scripts Organizer