Trigger location Everywhere does not work!

Hi, I have been using plugin called Code Snippet to register for example custom conditions for Oxygen builder. One of those conditions are browser languages. For that I use: if( function_exists(‘oxygen_vsb_register_condition’) ) { global $oxy_condition_operators;     oxygen_vsb_register_condition(         ‘Browser Language’,         array(‘options’=>array(‘sv’, ‘en’), ‘custom’=>false),         $oxy_condition_operators[‘int’] = array(‘==’, ‘!=’),         ‘my_browser_language’,         ‘Other’     ); function my_browser_language( $value, $operator ) {     $theLanguage = substr($_SERVER[‘HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE’], 0, 2);     $is_language = ($theLanguage == $value);         if ($operator == ‘==’) return $is_language;     return !$is_language;     } } This works fine using plugin Code Snippets. However, if I […]

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Scripts Organizer + WPML

Hello, I cant setup a code block to run in multiple different posts that has been translated to other languages. If my back-end language is English, I can only target english posts. Or if my back-end language is Swedish, I can only target Swedish posts. Thankfully I can target the different post id’s using custom […]

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Template Section Displaying in Structure Panel

Hello, I have question if this is intended behavior or not. But when I go edit a page, the template used to render the page has its sections/divs displayed in the structure panel and I can edit the template from the page-editor. The page sections are listed under Inner Content. I don’t know, this is […]

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