Scripts Organiser Issue

Hi I’m getting issues with logging into  a website which appears to be coming from scripts organiser, the site is using the latest edition. Here is a typivcal line from the site’s log (which I hope I have successfully attached to this message in full). [Mon May 30 21:15:18 2022] [error] [client] PHP […]

Scripts Organizer

Collaboration issue on wordpress

Hi Latest version of wordpress Latest stable release of Oxygen Latest stable release of swiss knife Collaboration 1.21 alpha Following issues with the latest stable release of collaboration and Oxygen 3.9 I took your advice and downloaded the alpha version. Whilst that definitely corrected the errors that I had been seeing and reported here I […]


Collaboration issue on wordpress 5.83

Hi I’m getting a critical error on the site when installing collaboration 1.2.  Site is running wp 5.83, new site setup. Attached image is best I can offer, sorry.   Dom


Can you see why these scripts may not be running at the allocated times

Hi I have two scripts set to run at different times Monday- Friday that are meant to change the value of a Metabox custom field on a metabox settings page. If I place these scripts in a codeblock on a template they execute as soon as the template is loaded, proving that the scripts themselves […]

Scripts Organizer

Question Regarding Scroll Progress Bar code snippet resource

Hi   This is a great little resource but there is one small piece missing. Adding the script via scripts organised is correctly documented as are the fist two sections on adding code to the code block.  However you omit to mention the location for the last piece, the trigger script.  Is this for the […]


Insert Classes missing

Hi   Swiss Knife now upgraded to version 2.0.  I’ve deactivated it and reactivated it, deactivated the licence and reactivated but still i cannot get insert classes to appear. Any suggestions?   Regards   Dom

Swiss Knife

Scripts uploaded appear to be blocked

Hi   I uploaded via scripts manager prisms.js and prism.css. For some odd reason these appear to be getting blocked and I have no idea why.  Process worked in SOv2, wondering if there might be a bug in SOv3.0   Regards   Dom

Scripts Organizer