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Dear Marko, What does the new developments with Oxygen/Breakdance hold for DPlugins? Will you be porting Dplugins and Oxywind to Breakdance? Honestly, I am burned up Oxygen is not extending or offering a lifetime price to its lifetime customers. It creates bad blood. Could you pleaseĀ  port your super plugins to Bricks, Zion Builder, Blocksy, […]


Trying to use Metabox with Scripts manager

Hi ! We love your plug in! We are doing a simple menu for our client and we are using the free Metabox plugin and free Taxonomy plugin from metabox. So far all is going good, but when we try to use the custom fields from the online generator it doesn’t work. We don’t know […]

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Name: Ari Guth Email: [email protected] Message: Hi we are using the free metabox plugin and the free taxonomy plugin and we used the online generator to generate the custom fields. We are trying to associate the custom fields with the custom post type from metabox. we changed this: esc_html__( ‘Add Menu Items’, ‘online-generator’ ), ‘id’ […]

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Collaborative plugin

Hello, We love your plugins! However, we learned that your pricing would change last night, and we thought it was for all of your plugins. While we were shopping around 12:30 pm to get as much as we could, and retrieved our credit card. It took us too long, and we missed out on your […]